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01 November 2009 @ 04:45 pm
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - a reaction post  

Well, well, well, what can I say?
I loved the first part, I really did! I held my hopes high for the second part only to be sorely disappointed.
Spoilers behind the following cut and all that.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I loved the first part. It was so funny, I laughed so much. The kids trailing Sarah; Clyde's reaction to Sarah snogging, Mr Smith and K9 giving the game away; Clyde, rani and Gita all trying to get a look at Nigel Havers; the CGI Alien debacle, K9's "Ignore me! All is normal!", K9 under the table, etc. etc.
And there was enough suspense too, like the TARDIS trying to get through, the feeling thagt something definately is not right with Nigel Havers etc
Then the Doctor appeared! And all was well and I had to wait six whole days for the next part which I was massively looking forward to and then I watched it.
And then I was all :/

First off, when I first heard about the wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, I completely believed that they were just trasing us and that it really was going to be about Chrissie and Ivan, but no, sure enough Sarah herself was getting married. I was completely unconvinced then. Then I heard that Doctor was going to be in it and not just as a cameo. 'The Doctor!' I thought, 'this can only be good!'.
So, I watched the first part and was not particularly convinced by Sarah/Nigel Havers but I completely believed this was the point!
I was really hoping he'd be a bit like Adam from Torchwood and had implanted himself into Sarah's memories, so she believes she's known him for two months or so when it was only actually two weeks.
Or that perhaps, he was somehow subtly brainwashing Sarah (the ring only enhanced this) and that forced her to lose her sense of self, like she deactivated Mr Smith, fobbed K9 onto Clyde and I honestly believed that godawful green dress/pink cardi combo was a sign that she was slowly becoming less and less Sarah Jane like and would eventually lose all of her independence and Sarah Janey-ness should that marriage actually happened.
But er, no.
Nigel Havers was actually innocent in all this and truely loved Sarah. Although, I laughed so hard at his fall to his inevitable death, it looked so much like a Injurylawyers4u advert, I think it was the way it was slightly monotoned and was pretty bad really.
I didn't enjoy the Trickster's involvement, because I am so bored of him, every year its like "Oh noes! I am destroyed!" and then "Surprise! I am back!". Not happy about that.


I think my main beef with this episode was Sarah's 'epic' romance with Nigel Havers, it was completely and utterly unconvincing. All that lovey dovey stuff from Sarah just seemed completely OOC for Sarah, and everytime she said she loved him I winced.
They tried to make out that they were absolutely perfect for each other, but they never showed us this, that scene in the resteraunt with Luke, as paranoidangel42 pointed out wasn't Nigel knowing Sarah really well at all. Anyone joining a conversation at 'Oh, we're just talking about.... nevermind' would want to to know. That's not journalist instinct at all.

And the Doctor! He just seemed... off. I don't know why, but the feeling I got from him wasn't the usual warm, comforting feeling I get from him, he just seemed so alien (and I don't mean like that).

And the whole episode was a plethora of missed opportunities. Take the following, which would have awesome if it happened, The Doctor meeting Mr Smith, reference to other Rani, a Turn Left reference, the Doctor and Luke conversing in technobabble and personally, I really wanted to see The Doctor with Gita and Haresh. Because you know Gita would totally kinda fancy the Doctor.

So, because I am never one to end on a negative note. Here are some things I did enjoy:
I'm really, really glad they got to have a good ol' look around. It made me happy. And I really enjoy the dialogue between Mr Smith and K9, Mr Smith is so bitchy, its brilliant, I'm surprised he didn't bitch at Sarah for deactivating him, but then Mr Smith has tact. Probably.
And Clyde! Clyde is always brilliant, and I like how he's turning into a middleaged woman, what with last week's 'Where were you?! You could have been dead in a ditch!" and this week's trying to get a look at Nigel with Gita.

And this screenshot in particular:
I'm sorry, but Rani's face is absolutely hilarious. I think if we had to ship the kids, it'd be Rani/Clyde because she can clearly er, handle him. And certainly not this Luke/Rani they tried to shove in our faces.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Yes.
But I'm kinda glad they cut the alledged Harry scene, because it was going to pretty much infer that he's a bit dead. Which would have probably reduced me to tears, which the rest of this episode did not.


Oh lol, I've only just noticed how appropiate my current listening is.
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Nicparanoidangel42 on November 1st, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
Although, I laughed so hard at his fall to his inevitable death, it looked so much like a Injurylawyers4u advert

Oh, yes. I thought he was just exaggerating with him thinking he was going to die, you know like man flu. It was a very controlled fall down the stairs without hitting any major parts.

That is a very funny look on Rani's face.

But I'm kinda glad they cut the alledged Harry scene, because it was going to pretty much infer that he's a bit dead.

Really? Where are you getting that from?
Prince of Awesome: Piggy!revolutionaren on November 1st, 2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
That's what I heard somewhere along the grapevine, not entirely sure where now that you mention it, it was going to be Sarah looking up at the stars and talking to Harry. Never a good sign.
Nicparanoidangel42 on November 1st, 2009 07:04 pm (UTC)
It's in the DWM Sarah special. She looks up to the sky. But it also says in there that although they don't directly reference things from the SJS audios they don't contradict them either, so I think it's meant to be that Harry's still missing.
(Anonymous) on November 1st, 2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
I was actually *relieved* that Nigel Havers wasn't evil or an alien or something. I like the idea that it was someone who genuinely loved her, not someone manipulating her (which also could have had the unfortunate implication that of "Oh, Sarah Jane, no *real* man is ever going to love you and you were stupid to think otherwise"). This at least left her with some dignity. I didn't totally buy Sarah's end of the romance either, but I think that might just be because I'm so used them portraying her as pretty much asexual.

As soon as Nigel Havers started talking about his fall down the stairs, the rest of it became obvious. I like the Trickster -- I think he's interesting as a concept and a villain -- but he's like Gareth Roberts's version of the daleks: guaranteed to show up at least once a year, which gets old.

I have a feeling Mr Smith wasn't bitchy at Sarah Jane because he knows who the boss is ;)
whoa, prohibition sally!: amusementinfinitejoys on November 1st, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
wtf? why did that post anon?

(That was me, clearly.)
incorrigibly frivolous: ranishinyjenni on November 2nd, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
I laughed so hard at his fall to his inevitable death, it looked so much like a Injurylawyers4u advert
Heh, that's exactly what I thought too! I did like that he really was in love with Sarah, though, and she wasn't being fooled by a bad guy or something.

Rani's expression in that cap! ♥ That whole sequence was brilliant.