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25 October 2009 @ 11:36 pm
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part One  

Oh hey, I'm going to talk about the SJA screening I went to yesterday in Liverpool, so whilst I will be talking about the upcoming SJA episode, I won't be giving out massive plot details and spoilers, but a basic knowledge of what is coming up is advised.

But its behind the following cut anyway

So, after a load of old hoohar with the BBC and misunderstandings and what have you, I finally make it to Liverpool yesterday morning and got into the screening. We were led to believe that we were going to be watching both parts, we didn't and only got to watch the first part, but its better than nothing and it was a good first part too.

So, we all know that Sarah is marrying Nigel Havers, right? Ever since I found out, I've been wary of this, Sarah getting married just sounded so OOC to me, but I think I've been ruined by fanfic. It does move rather fast the relationship between them and there's lots of 'Three days later' type of things.
What else? Its a very comedic episode, the dialogue between Mr Smith and K-9 is funny, I particularly enjoyed a scene with Clyde, Rani and Gita in.
I'm a bit of a K-9 fan, so I can appreciate that he's actually in this episode quite a bit.
And there's some references to Maria and the Brig. 
And Clyde is great, Clyde's always great.
Oh, and Sarah gets a whole plethora of outfits. Some more... interesting than others, but I like to take that as a metaphor for ***** ****** ****** *** ***** ** **** ;)

But I watched the whole episode with a small sadness in my heart, because I kinda totally ship Harry/Sarah and after all that fic I've read involving proposals where she turns him down have slightly ruined this episode. I just want to shout out "OH, SO YOU'LL MARRY NIGEL HAVELS AND NOT HARRY, EH?" but that would have been weird and the mass of little kiddies (wasn't this meant to be a private screening?) would have looked at me oddly.
It's okay Harry, I love you anyway.

Oh and this guy called Doctor Who or something totally appears out of nowhere at the end of the episode at a point in the wedding you totally would never expect. Totally.

So that's that. Then there was a Q&A with Tommy Knight, Anjili Mohindra and Daniel Anthony. The kids asked the questions.
"What's your favourite colour?" (fucking called that question)
and the best question ever "why are there aliens in this?"

Then the group I had attached myself to and I found a pub and all was alright.
Feelin': amusedamused
ticketsonmyself on October 26th, 2009 05:41 am (UTC)
Here via soniclipstick! How lucky that you got to see the advance screening, even if it was only the first part. I totally 'ship Harry/Sarah too, and your reaction's an awful lot like mine, hee!

Also, awww to Q&A with the SJA kids!